New hobby?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I have about six books here that I want to read. I'm about six months behind on album-ing our post-Gracie photos (a task I swore I'd keep up with once she was born, as I want us to be able to look at the photos together rather than storing them on a hard drive unseen). I hardly communicate with friends or family (except via email, which not all of them use).

But do I want to work on any of these already-established projects? NO.

I want to create Sara's gaspingly squee newborn pumpkin hat for my friend's new baby boy, who could be born any day now.

No matter that I haven't knitted anything since 1995 or so, and that I've never knitted anything that wasn't rectangular (scarf, blanket).

Am I nuts?

I have this terrible itch to go get yarn and needles. NOW.

After all, if you don't keep learning new things, life gets dull, right? And dull is definitely something to avoid.


mysticalfeet Says:

11:43 PM

Viva, Knitting! That pumpkin hat IS gaspingly squee, by the way. It's not so hard to knit in the round, either. No purling involved!

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