Saturday, November 11, 2006

Okay, I gave up on the pumpkin, as the baby's being born Monday and the SOLE source of knitting supplies in town (the wonderful Wal-Mart) had neither an orange yarn soft enough for a baby hat OR the right size OR style of needles.

So I found a spot online where I could put in a few custom measurements for our sweet canine(along with my yarn gauge) and it spits out a customized dog sweater pattern.

How cool is that? All her jackets and such are bured in our storage unit, so she could really use a warm sweater for the winter that's knocking at our door now.

And I've stayed up WAY late twice working on it. It is so simple and rewarding to see it grow. I have the top finished; the rest should follow fairly quickly. It's a pretty multicolored wool in rose and teal and purple and tangerine, and it's set off by Claire's black coat beautifully. I'll come back and post a picture at this spot when it's finished.

Plus, I ordered this and now I'm all jazzed about knitting a sweater for the Bird. I almost bought yarn today but forced myself to wait until I finish this project. I could easily become one of those knitters with six thousand skeins of yarn and unfinished projects. I want to fight that urge.

We're going to be driving for four hours today, and I'm all excited because that means four hours in the car with my dog sweater parts!


mysticalfeet Says:

12:39 PM

An acrylic yarn that's soft is Caron's Simply Soft. It's got great yardage and is about $5 a skein. Machine drying it does make it a little less soft, but if you treated it like wool, ie, wash in cool water and dry flat, it'd stay soft. I've bought it at Ben Franklin, so I'm thinking Wal-Mart should carry it.

Should I send you links to super deals for yarn online, now? (google this for a more accurate web address) is a place I've found good deals on rather high end (Noro: silk/wool/colorful crack) yarns. Also, you should check out the website for free patterns.

Yes, I can totally relate to your newfound eagerness for long car trips.

For myself, I am looking forward to our annual Lord of the Rings Trilogy Director's cut marathon, this Thanksgiving to get some quality time in on my Rosedale cardigan!

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