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Thursday, January 03, 2013

I have a private obsession.  Lately at night, after the rest of my family goes to sleep (for my husband has turned into an early bird, and my tendencies are so "night owl" that I almost hoot and hack up pellets), I get something hot to drink, throw the blanket over the grateful dog, and settle in for at least two (but sometimes four) rounds of my addiction.

I am deep into the first season of Parenthood.  I laugh, I cry, I pause the show to get a closer look at the incredible old houses they live in.  Will Sarah ever begin living like she's aware of her worth as a parent and a human being?  When will Adam snap under the pressure from his unsteady work environment, crazy Braverman family, Aspie son, and teenage daughter?  Can Amber keep it together long enough to get into college?  Does Crosby grow up into Awesome Father and Husband or lapse and screw up his amazing good luck in the ready-made-awesome-family department?

Don't answer ANY of those questions.  I realize I am a good four seasons behind the rest of the show's fans.  This is why I mention it on this nearly-dead blog instead of asking my friends if they watch it.

Don't tell me a thing.  I'm going to watch it ALL play out, late at night in a dark room, drinking hot tea next to my snoring dog.


kbrow Says:

7:23 AM

I snorted my coffee at your hacking up pellets comment. Really happy to see a blog post, so soon after your facebook departure! I've watched a couple of episodes of Parenthood, long ago. It's funny how we stumble onto obsessions - there's no predicting that sweet spot when interest, available time and insomnia collide. For me, it was watching the first season of Homeland, in a mad marathon over this Christmas break.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Angie Says:

11:13 PM

Oh, Kim, I absolutely LOVE parenthood. Allen hates it, so I have to watch it all by myself. Sometimes, being a few seasons behind is the best. You get to just watch one episode after another without having to wait. Enjoy it. I am about to start watching the first season of Downton Abby. I don't know that I will be hooked, but I want to know what all of the fuss is about and would rather start from the beginning.

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