Rain and mutinae in the midst of the night.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The rain just started falling, softly, with thunder rumbling far-off in the background.  It's 3 am, but I've had a night's worth of sleep, having gone to bed just after we put the kids down.  A headache woke me, but Alleve's beaten it back (or else "faster EFT," a bizarre little method which I'm experimenting with but not so confidently that I don't still take the Alleve)... so I have space to hear the rainrops and feel thankfulness, to feel the silence of the house without the guilt of being awake so late/early.

The chalk sticks the kids left outside on the sidewalk may be ruined.  I guess there's a lesson in that, so I won't scuttle out there in the downpour trying to find them.  (I warned them to pick them up today but I think we all got distracted.)

Parched, from six days without my best friend and love, six days of company staying and adventures happening and kids needing and there not being a scrap of time to myself that didn't have a necessary task attached.  It was wonderful to see friends, celebrate a family wedding, help with the cake, go swimming, play tourist, and cook for a houseful, but goodness am I bone-tired.  I wish I could tumble back into bed for another four hours of sleep, but at the moment that's not likely. 

My Kindle's MIA after this week's craziness.  I have no idea where I put it.  Last saw it in the passenger's seat of the car, which worries me.  Did someone snatch it?  (Random thoughts at three a.m. ... this will not be a deep post.)

Our little garden's a maze of beautiful flowers, gorgeous but fruitless okra, corn with unharvested ears slowly drying, and bermuda grass rampantly overtaking it all.  I want a cool kidless morning to spend restoring it, but August in Arkansas does not lend itself to cool mornings.  September will do, and I'll have to fight back a jungle by then, but that's the nature of the beast.

My children and I have had a glorious summer of swimming lessons, pools, theme parks, bikes, crafts, travel, family, and fun.  I feel both triumphant and wrung out like a dishrag.  Bring on the predictability of school season, please.

Ah, the rain's stopped.  Had a feeling the thunder wasn't close enough to bring much to us.


Mossery Says:

9:34 PM

Nice to hear your thoughts once again...so many of them echo through my head, but not nearly as well put.

The chalk will recover, and many times over. I'm sure you've found that out by now. Isn't it funny how the little things can weigh so heavy? I feel like I drown in them at times.

The battle in the garden jungle this time of year...whew. I hear you. The morning glories tend to overrun everything for us right now. Trying to clear spots for winter greens is my motivation.

Take care, let me know if that EFT happens to make any difference. It sounded interesting a few years back but never tried it. Toodles!

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