Split personality.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I should probably mention that I'm writing in multiple places.

I may be overambitious here, but I decided recently that I should start making more of an effort to categorize my writing a bit. I'm using two other blogger/blogspot blogs now:

Rootsome (this one) contains my most personal writing- things for and about my kids and family, mostly. (You're welcome to read, but my primary intention is to make sure that I'm writing a little about this phase of life for my kids to read when they're older.)

Fuzzy's Finds started out as a blog connected to my Etsy shop, but it has morphed into a linkfest of whatever I think is cool-- products, home ideas, simple living, essential oils, etc etc. It's a mishmash, but it's MY mishmash.

Finally, Hickory Hill House is now being used as a repository for my house and garden musings.

I'm pretty sure this is spreading myself too thin, postwise, but I can't choose just one of these areas to focus in; I really do want to write about all three.  Feel free to read only what interests you!


k-brow Says:

7:54 AM

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Angie Says:

8:00 AM

I like your new look. I started my second blog so I could comment on other quilter blogs without sending them back to pics of my family, so I understand. I sometimes think I should have just kept them all together, since I think I update a lot less.

I love your house. We drove by yesterday, just in town for the day. I'm at my mom's for the next month, until we close on the house. We should get together.

Porthos Says:

8:44 AM

Hi! Sorry to leave a comment like this, but I couldn't find your email anywhere.

A few years ago, you commented on a blog post I did on Christmas music. And you suggested Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb of God". At the time, it was out of print.

I happened to be revisiting that old post for a new post, and I checked the iTunes store: it's available now! They even have a 10th anniversary edition.

Just wanted to let you know that even though it was four years ago, your recommendation will finally be acted upon since I happen to have an iTunes gift card burning a hole in my pocket. :-)

Oh, here was the old post: http://roadtrip.typepad.com/ca2fl/2006/12/playtime_christ.html

And here is the new one:

Merry Christmas!

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