We must have people over for dinner more often.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The toys are picked up.
The paper clutter's off the dining room table.
I MOPPED the downstairs today with a spare 20 minutes I had.
The bottom of the kitchen sink is even visible.

Is it possible for both of us, at once, to have had a little bit of the winter housebound blues this past month or so?

Things are different now, though. The daffodils are blooming, the garden's in the front of my mind (where it does not belong until taxes are filed), we've been swinging on the front porch and playing with the kids after dinner, and the whole world seems filled with promise.

My little boy's saying "I touch it!" and "Adda" (daddy?) and "bye-bye-bye" and getting closer to walking every day. He takes my breath away with the cuteness. My girl is becoming more and more a companion, and a fascinating and fun one at that.

It's a good evening to be in my own skin, is what I'm sayin'.


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