Hold me, Jesus.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

8) Gracie was watching some Christian cartoon on Aaron's computer this morning. I was listening from the living room-- I heard it explain the story about Jesus' resurrection, and wondered idly if she'd ever seen a kids' presentation of that before. (I know we've covered it at church, but lots of stuff goes over her head there.)

Afterward, she came straight to me, climbed up into my lap, looked at me earnestly (almost sadly), and said, "Mama, I want Jesus to come HOLD ME. Now."

I was a bit floored. I bumbled about with descriptions about how He holds us with his heart, and through our family, but she wasn't having that. Mama Holding was no substitute for Jesus Holding. When Claire began barking a few minutes later, she popped up, exclaimed, "Is Jesus here?!", and started running for the door.

My heart broke with thankfulness and something close to sorrow over this. I so want her to love him. I do not know how to explain him to her, though.


Susie Says:

5:26 PM

What a precious girl. She made me weep here, because she reminded me of one of the anthems of my illness. I hope she will always feel held by Jesus.

KimS Says:

9:36 PM

I love that song, Susie-- I've only heard it performed by R. Mullins, who I believe was the songwriter. Beautiful anthem for hard times.

She is precious, and startlingly perceptive these days. I hope she always feels held by Him too.

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