Value your personal time. I mean it.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

May those of you without toddlers please take a moment and be thankful for the following things:

1) You can poop alone, without a play-by-play commentary being given by your bathroommate
2) You can bathe whenever you want for as long as you want-- and again, alone and without commentary.
3) If you put something down, it usually stays where you put it.
4) If you have something to eat, you don't necessarily have to share it.
5) No one ever spits mouthfuls of your food that they DON'T like into your hand.
6) Generally, no one begins shrieking at the top of their lungs (or sobbing uncontrollably) at you before you understand what you've done to piss them off.

Just be appreciative of these things, is all I'm sayin'.


joelle Says:

4:54 PM

oh i value it.

Angie Says:

10:46 PM

Oh, I know. I was also thinking "traveling alone." I used to love picking out the books that I would get to read on long flights, no more.

Mean Puppies Inc. Says:

12:13 PM

Hi Kim! I found your blog a few months ago - my kids are now 9 months and "almost 3" - I've found I just can't say he's 2 anymore. My baby can crawl now, so the bathroom is by no means a place I can go to be alone! I feel your pain ;) Leah R.

The Cotton Wife Says:

7:32 AM

I used to think I would appreciate those things but then I got a divorce and we split custody half and half. I'd give anything for the stuff on that list when my girls are with their dad!

Chicken Lips Says:

8:28 PM

It's been way too long! I'm glad you found Aaron somehow.

I am being initiated to this list. It's so funny how they can be playing just fine but as soon as they know there's a closed door in between....waaaah! *lol* Such is life.

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