Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Welcome baby Q.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007
9 lbs 10 oz (!), 20 in

Absolutely beautiful, if you ask me. Not that I'm biased or anything.


Lauren Amy Romano Whitman Says:

3:06 PM

Dear Kim,

I agree with you--he is completely beautiful! I wish I could hold him, he looks so sweet.
I read on Chad's facebook about the Oviedo house--that's great. It seems through the online avenues through which I get to see glimpses of your life, that you guys are contented and happy. I certainly hope so. I miss you all. It was this time two years that I was living with you, Gracie was born, we watched a lot of I heart Huckabees and obscure documentaries, and I was taking exercise walks with your dad. Good times.

Love, Lauren

Susie Says:

3:58 PM

That is one beautiful boy. And I dare say he looks perfectly healthy. I do hope and pray. Congratulations and blessings all around.

joelle Says:

7:26 AM


Angie Says:

4:37 AM

He is precious. What a sweet little bundle! Everything about him makes you just want to snuggle for awhile. I'm so glad that you posted.

And, OH BOY, was he ever big! I looked at that and thought it must be a typo. Surely. I'm pretty sure that you must have been right about the size of your own child, though.

I hope that you are all doing great. I'm still amazed at the size. You gave birth to a toddler! A beautiful toddler!

mysticalfeet Says:

9:12 PM

Whoo-hooo, he's out! I just stumbled by and I see you have a lot to be thankful for. A gorgeous little boy! Glad you're both okay!

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