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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today, after dinner, playing with Play-Doh with mom and dad:

I show her how to load dough (doh?) into the little compartment, position the circle shape over the extrusion spot, and push on the plunger. A tube of dough comes oozing out, snakelike.

Thoughtfully and softly, she says, "Poo."

I wouldn't have believed that she'd made the connection without doing it again and getting the same response.

Please tell me how a 20-month old who has never wiped her own rear can understand what poo looks like when it comes out, and that the play-doh toy we were using resembles that.

All we could do was laugh.


There is something magical about the way she's learning new words (and new uses) so quickly now.

Bird usually spends many hours a week with my mom while I work. While my mom was out of town last week, she spent every day with me, and took to preceding her one-syllable requests with my name:

Momma, out (of the high chair).
Momma, more.
Momma, HOLD!
Momma, SEE!

I loved it. But now that Grammy's returned, we see that she hasn't quite got it yet-- every request, to anyone, for anything, is likely to be preceded by "Momma."

Oh, well. It'll straighten itself out before long, I guess.


But I really adore the way she'll pause, just before entering a new room, going outside, or getting into the car, earnestly grab your hand, and say seriously, "Too." You must come too, Momma (or Daddy or Grammy or Aunt Leigh). "Too."

Too precious, is what it is.


Angie Says:

6:41 AM

Aren't they just amazing! Ashlyn would understand the connection with poo, because she bends down to watch the poo come out of Ranger. Lovely.

For awhile, Ashlyn would ask for something just by saying Mommy, and then Mommy was added on, almost as a please, maybe.

I love reading your blog.

KimS Says:

1:30 PM

You are so right. She has to have learned the poo concept from watching the dog. That makes total sense. I hadn't even thought of that.

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