One small step forward...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

After dinner tonight, while we parents were tidying up and the wee one was running about underfoot undermining our efforts with Tupperware distribution, I spotted her squatting with an earnest look in her face.

"Pot." she said seriously, looking straight at me. "Pot."

And for a second I didn't get it, but then I remembered her preference for shortening all words to one syllable whenever possible, and realized what that squat meant. "You want to use the potty?" I asked breathlessly.

Serious nod yes. (Such a serious little girl I have-- fun loving, and mischievous, but also grave and always observing, always trying to figure things out, to be Right about things.)

Immediate transfer to the bathroom, where a fairly wet diaper was hastily removed, and a little girl sat gravely on the toilet for a few moments. We were a bit too late, but she recognized what she was doing in her diaper, and asked for the potty. You bet I let that gal flush the toilet anyway and wash her hands afterwards (both of which she loves).

She's peed and pooped on the toilet for my mom, but never for me. I count the request, though, as considerable progress.

We're crossing our fingers and praying to NOT have two in diapers this November...


Angie Says:

12:32 PM

I'm right there with you hoping for only one in diapers at a time. Ashlyn has recently shown NO interest, though. And, she does not shorten words, she adds to them, like egg is eggie. Lid is usually li-li.

mysticalfeet Says:

9:12 PM

Congratulations on the step towards potty training! This will be a big relief once Act II comes along. Won't you post pix of your lacy bag once it's done?!
Hope you're feeling well.

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