Thursday, October 26, 2006

In case you're wondering, no, we haven't had an offer.

In other disappointing news:

I was insulted roundly tonight. That doesn't happen very often.

I've been searching for a certain type of vintage stove for months. On Ebay, on Google. Trying to find a decent deal.

A Kansas woman contacted me after seeing a post of mine on a forum. Offered me a stove for about twice what it was worth. I politely, gently showed her similar sales on Ebay. She revised her expectations, suggested a price that was on the high end, but fair. She cleaned up her stove, and it looked much better.

Then I didn't email her back for a couple of days, and she listed the stove on Ebay, thinking I was a flake. I understand, but I still really wanted her stove.

So I offered her her suggested price, she agreed, and then (tonight) I offered to have a friend make the 350-mile trip to pick it up so that she wouldn't have to drive it down.

...and she removed the stove from Ebay, and returned $50 that I'd paypal-ed to her to prove my intent, and told me that she would not sell the stove to me, that I was rude to ask for proof of her identity and address, and rude to plan to have the stove cleaned when it was in good condition, and rude to have someone come pick it up when she and her husband wanted to make the trip.

I mean, she RAILED on me, and told me not to email or call her any more, goodbye.

And I can't figure it out. My ideas:

1) She completely misinterpreted every underlying attitude in my emails-- thought I was picky instead of cautious, presumptuous instead of trying to be helpful, et cetera.
2) She was somehow trying to rip me off and flew off the handle deliberately when I asked for proof of her identity.
3) Someone else bought the stove from her, or she decided not to sell it at all (why remove the stove from Ebay when you need the money so badly, just to keep from selling it to little old me?)
4) She is nuts, or completely stressed out and acting that way. She and her husband are opening a convenience store and they desperately need cash to fill its tanks with the first load of fuel. It sounds like a make-it-or-break-it situation.

And I am sitting here at 2 am, feeling like I'm a bad person because some unknown internet woman thinks I'm a turd and won't sell me her gorgeous old stove. WHY?? Why should I feel guilty? I certainly didn't do anything deserving of that diatribe.


It was so pretty, though. SO. PRETTY.


Angie Says:

11:12 PM

My vote is #3, along with a bit of #4, and definitely some of #5.

mysticalfeet Says:

7:36 PM

I'm with Angie, on this one. You're not a turd, and it just makes sense to try and check people out if you're dealing on E-bay.

I am absolutely thrilled you're writing again!! When we bought our first house in CA, in 1997, I was in love with it, and assumed we'd live there for years. Now, some 9 years and 2 more houses down the road, I am jaded. The VA house had the location, but wasn't such a great house. This is a great house, and I want to love it, but I'm not feeling the Hawaii love. I wonder if I'll ever feel the marvellous convergence of space and place again?

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